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Spaces is a social network for Stouffville hosted by professional journalists and local experts. Members can get informed, exchange ideas and share content.

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Why are we doing this?

SPACES is an ambitious experiment in revolutionizing how we all connect by offering people a local, community-powered social network.

For too long, local news outlets have watched from the sidelines as their deeply rooted connections to the community were overshadowed by large online platforms. It's time we reclaim our place, not by emulating these companies but by offering something they've moved away from: genuine community engagement and support.

In recent years, the ethos of social media has shifted dramatically. These platforms have strayed from their initial promise of fostering community and nurturing relationships. Instead, they've become echo chambers, focusing on disseminating content that, while engaging, often lacks relevance and fails to enrich our connections with the world around us. This shift has not only weakened the fabric of our communities but also eroded the foundations of democracy and civil discourse.

Health and Wellness
  • Where can I find mental health resources?

  • Downtown info centre helped me a lot last year

  • I recommend the professionals at the walk-in

Enter SPACES: a haven for local discussions, curated by those who know them best—local experts and professional journalists. Our platform is more than just a social network; it's a commitment to reviving the lost art of community engagement. By fostering safe, civil, and meaningful interactions, SPACES aims to strengthen the bonds between neighbours, reignite local passions, and rebuild the trust that has been eroded by impersonal and divisive platforms.

And the best part? SPACES is integrated with our local news sites, leveraging the reach and engagement of our existing large local audiences. Rooted in our local newsrooms and woven with the topics and interests that define our hometowns, it offers a revival of the heart of communal interactions: spaces shared discussing what is happening in our neighbourhoods.

Whether you're passionate about gardening, family life, the direction of the community or the intricacies of life downtown, we have a space for you. A space for exchanging ideas, asking advice, and gaining valuable information about the communities we live in.

This isn't just another project for us; it's a pivotal step toward mending the social fabric of our communities. Join us as we embark on this journey to create not just a platform, but a movement - one that prioritizes people, community, and democracy.

Our pilot phase kicks off this summer, with a broader rollout planned across Canada in late 2024.

Stay tuned for what promises to be the most significant and impactful endeavour we've ever undertaken.

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